About  the IEEE EMBC 2010 Conference Celebration

Almost ten years ago, the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) hosted its Annual International Conference (EMBC 2010), in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As Conference Chair, Dr. Ricardo Armentano actively promoted the participation of multidisciplinary guest lecturers and fostered collaboration between IEEE members. For the first time, an IEEE EMBS
conference was held in the southern hemisphere, providing a unique occasion to interact with colleagues from all over the world, and comprising an outstanding spectrum of more than 1900 research papers from sixty-five countries. EMBC 2010 conference theme was “Merging Medical Humanism and Technology”, a tribute to Dr. René Favaloro life work.
The opening lecture by professor Luis Kun “Merging Medical Humanism and Technology: A Holistic view of Humanity’s Needs”, clearly reflected that idea.


The proposal of this 2020 event is to celebrate the 10th anniversary of EMBC 2010, taking up the motto of that successful conference. The social implications of biomedical technology are an emerging field in Latin America, so this initiative attempts to make
visible those actions that promote growth and collaborative work throughout the region. More than 600 specialists from Latin America are expected to attend this celebration.

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Organizing Comittee Members

Honorary President Guillermo Gomez Galicia

Honorary Vice President Guillermo Oliveto

Co-Chairs Ricardo L. Armentano | Jorge E. Monzón

Program Chair Leandro J. Cymberknop

Steering Committee Co-Chairs Natalia Lopez Celani | Fernando Ballina | Sergio Ponce

Publicity & Promotion Chair Parag Chatterjee

Student Activities Priscila Oñas Co-Chair | Javier Carugno Co-Chair | Federico Mercado | Silvia Mónica Gutierrez

Technical Sub-Committee Lucía Moyano Chair | Claudio Pérez | Cintia Capellán | Florencia Colombano | Silvia Gordín